paon qui epanouit sa queue. peacock, paon, plumes d'autruche, paonne, pavo real, pfauhahn




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Duvet : Traditional Luxury Brand

"Duvet" means a feather or a downy hair both in english and french.

The unique patterns of Duvet are symbols of peacock's luxury, fame and fortune.
All the processes to make a masterpieces are delicately treated
in our special atelier where produce it through several making process
with special waterproofing on a surface of specially
produced cottons or poly materials by craftmanship.

Duvet always pursues own inner beauty and tries to express it
to the our unique patterns which include brand philosophy and value with new perspectives.

Therefore, we produce only one that goes through double-treated
printing process and five steps on post-processing in the world.

Both 'Dreamlike' and 'Strict' are our brand's keywords.

We will show it to the traditional luxurious brand, "Duvet" based
on the simple and pragmatic approaches in the year 2016.



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